Bandgang Javar Interview

Detroit Rapper, Bandgang Javar, “Rose”, was recently released from jail after being in the feds for a quite a while. Since being out, Rose was immediate to release his song, “How Can I Stop Pt. 2” including a music video on World Star.

We recently contacted Javar and asked him a few quick questions. Detroit Rap Blog would like to thank Javar for his time we have linked his song along with the interview down below.


Question 1: Who Inspired You Growing Up, To Start Rapping?


I really don’t know what inspired me to start rapping, its been so long .I remember I got a microphone from GameStop one day went over Biggs house and we made our first song. it was more of the spur of the moment thing.
Question 2: Do you have any Collaborations/Projects Coming Up That The City Needs To Know About?
” Rose ” Dropping July 3rd, Co-Defendants With Me AJ And Biggs Coming Soon, Our Group Project comes out next month I’m not featured on it but I still fully back it


Question 3: There Are Lots Of Rappers Trying To Get Where You Are.  What Is One Tip You Have For Them?


My tip for all the rappers is to just keep going and always think big, no matter what you do, always do it BIG and always keep it honest.

How Can I Stop Pt. 2:


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