Taliban Season 2 Is 🔥

Detroit artists, Talibando, has recently released a sequel to Taliban Season. Well known for his hits “Last Laugh,” “400 Degrees” and others, he has gone all in on Taliban Season 2!

Feature on this album include Rio Da Yung Og, Icewear Vezzo, Fenix Flexin, and more. Seeing many rappers from Detroit (and other cities) together on an album, puts Detroit on the map, showing we can be the best.

Personally, my favorite song is “Straight To The Money” which has a Music Video filmed by SwizzMatic out on YouTube, available to watch at” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgfx2w-gEUs

New Detroit Rap Projects You Must Hear…

2020 has had a rough start with the spread of corona throughout America, but that’s not stopping Detroit from releasing music. And not just any music, but great music. 2020 has been a great year for Rap, and especially for Detroit. I have decided to create a list of some of my favorite projects released this year that you should listen to.

Damedot- Mafia Lord (Chapter 1)

Damedot - Mafia Lord (Chapter I) (Digital) « RAPSOURCE.NET

Damedot is one of my favorite artists at the moment. Before the album release, we got an early preview of this project with the release of the song “Washed My Hands” (My favorite song off Mafia Lord) Once the album was released, I was quick to listen to it. One thing I can say, this album is going to have some classics…

42 Dugg- Young and Turnt 2

42 Dugg Drops New Project 'Young and Turnt 2' f/ Lil Baby and Yo ...

42 Dugg has proved to be one of the best. With features of Lil Baby and Yo Gotti this project has continued to show what Dugg is capable of doing. Young and Turnt vol. 1 was great, but you’ll be surprised on how well vol. 2 was created.

Sada Baby-Skuba Sada 2


At the moment, Sada Baby is arguably the best Detroit Rapper. Sada Baby has been one of Detroit’s favorite for years now. Without Sada, Detroit might not be where they are today. Skuba Sada 2 was put together very well, that’s what makes this project one to listen to.

Bandgang Paid Will -Testers

BandGang Paid Will - Testers Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

Testers has some of Paid Wills best songs we’ve ever heard, proving 2020 is a great year for music. With features of Peezy and Drego, this is another album worth listening to.

Drego and Beno – Two of The Hottest Out Of Detroit

Drego and Beno are two great and unique artist out of Detroit, keeping the heat coming with hits such as Hands On, Extras, and Dregos hit song, Bloxk Party.

Fame started from Hands On featuring EWM Buck, and there fans have only increased, especially after releasing album “Sorry For The Get Off. Sorry For The Get Off featured 14 songs with my personal favorites being “Sirens,” Hold On Stop,” and “Baecation.”

Drego is known for his signature tagline:

While Beno is known for his creative verses throughout his songs.

Drego and Beno have worked with other notable artists including Sada Baby, Bandgang, Shorline Mafia and Babyface Ray. And have recently gained recognition from Lil Yachty, referencing there new song “Swear To God” in a Tweet.

Damjonboi’s “Number 20” Is One Worth Listening To

If you didnt know by now, Damjonboi is one of the hottest producers out of Detroit. Damjonboi is a hit maker, especially with his new mixtape “Number 20” where fans saw his ability to rap.

The mixtape features 10 different songs, with featured artist including GT.

Personally, my favorite song is “Capers.”

This tape is one worth listening to, and worth watching as he recently droped the visuals for Capers and RIP Icewood.

Comment your personal thoughts on this and what your favorite song is off the tape.


Bandgang Javar Interview

Detroit Rapper, Bandgang Javar, “Rose”, was recently released from jail after being in the feds for a quite a while. Since being out, Rose was immediate to release his song, “How Can I Stop Pt. 2” including a music video on World Star.

We recently contacted Javar and asked him a few quick questions. Detroit Rap Blog would like to thank Javar for his time we have linked his song along with the interview down below.


Question 1: Who Inspired You Growing Up, To Start Rapping?


I really don’t know what inspired me to start rapping, its been so long .I remember I got a microphone from GameStop one day went over Biggs house and we made our first song. it was more of the spur of the moment thing.
Question 2: Do you have any Collaborations/Projects Coming Up That The City Needs To Know About?
” Rose ” Dropping July 3rd, Co-Defendants With Me AJ And Biggs Coming Soon, Our Group Project comes out next month I’m not featured on it but I still fully back it


Question 3: There Are Lots Of Rappers Trying To Get Where You Are.  What Is One Tip You Have For Them?


My tip for all the rappers is to just keep going and always think big, no matter what you do, always do it BIG and always keep it honest.

How Can I Stop Pt. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JowtrXQ2Go